Maria Kokkonen

Born 1990, Turku, Finland

Lives and works in London




2014 - 2015 Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA), Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


2011 - 2014 Turku Arts Academy, Turku, Finland






Boundaries & Beyond, Espacio Gallery, London, UK (Upcoming)


Solo exhibition, De Aanschouw, Rotterdam, The Netherlands curated by Lisette Schumacher




Summer Salon 2018, Candid Arts Trust, London, UK


Summer Salon 2018, Islington Arts Factory, London, UK


Anamnesis, Studio Seine, Rotterdam, The Netherlands




Angel Christmas Fair salon exhibition, Candid Arts Trust, London, UK


401½ studios Pop up exhibition, Circus West Village, London, UK


A Letter In Mind, Callery OXO, London, UK


Summer Salon 2017, Islington Arts Factory, London, UK


Matter of time, Cacaofabriek – group, Helmond, the Netherlands




Group Exhibition, Candid Arts, London, UK


Meet the Artist Pop-up Exhibition, Meet the Artist Pop-up Gallery, London, UK


Emerging Art Now - 2ª edição, Galeria Emergentes dst, Braga, Portugal


Bath Open Art Prize, 44AD Artspace, Fringe Arts Bath – group, Bath, UK


New thing 2, Next Gallery, Piacenza, Italy


Transmogrify, Assembled by Root – group, Duo exhibition with Mark Vrinzen, Rotterdam, the Netherlands


That Missing thing, Art Week Rotterdam, Assembled by Root – group, Rotterdam, the Netherlands




A Spacebetween, The Stone Space Gallery, London, UK


Platform for Emerging Arts #8, Leyden Gallery, London, UK


Go and get'em, WDK Finals, Hofplein 20, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Echoes from the Guest House, Duo exhibition with Lisette Schumacher,

Niffo Project Space, Rotterdam, The Netherlands




Public & Private, Group exhibition, Gelderseplein 46, Rotterdam, the Netherlands


A B.A.D Social Club, Group exhibition, Foundation b.a.d, Rotterdam, the Netherlands




Rajamailla, Duo exhibition, Köysirata Gallery, Turku, Finland




Rakenteilla, Group exhibition, Köysirata Gallery, Turku, Finland


Skin, Solo exhibition, Turku Book Café, Turku, Finland




2016 Art Camp Residency, Maine, USA






Shortlisted Blooom Award


2nd Prize, Bath Open Art Prize, Bath, UK






Walking in your mind; Community art project, Laurens Binneweg, Rotterdam, the Netherlands




In-House Artist; Design and creation of a multi-wall painting, Theater Toivo, Helsinki, Finland


Taidelma; Community art project. Turku’s Mental Health Society (ITU ry), Turku, Finland


Synthesis; Art Collaboration, Somero Kivimeijeri Gallery, Somero, Finland


Work experience


2015 Summer art trainee, Bold Tendencies, London, UK


2014 Summer art trainee, Bold Tendencies, London, UK


0 5/2013 – 08/2013 Artist Assistant to Eemyun Kang, London, UK


Web publicatios


2016 Root Interview|Meeting Maria Kokkonen, 18-01-2016


2015 Platform for Emerging Artists #8 at @LeydenGallery, 15-10- 2015, Eindexamen Expositie; Willem de Kooning Academie, 11-07-2015, ‘NIFFO - Maria Kokkonen / Lisette Schumacher’, 26-05-2015





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